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Stump Grinding & Removal Services

Stump Removal For Your Southeast Wisconsin Yard

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted stumps in your yard, GrindNGo offers complete stump removal services. All stumps are ground down to a minimum of 6 inches below the surface. Our grinding equipment can fit through fenced-in areas up to 36”. We’ll ensure that your underground utilities are marked before we go digging.

Faster, safer & more affordable

Our grinding equipment removes stumps and above ground root systems remotely, making the process safer and more efficient for our operators. The benefits of remote stump grinding are that it's a much safer and easier way to get the job done. The machine operator doesn't have to worry about injury from flying dust and wood chips.

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Residential Stump Grinding Near Waukesha & Milwaukee

How residential stump grinding works

Once we arrive on your property, you can show us which stumps you need removed. We need at least 36" of space to get our equipment through any fences or nearby plant growth. If your stump is next to other trees that you don't want to be harmed, a GrindNGo Stumps ISA-certified arborist will visit the property first to ensure we're not messing with neighboring root systems. Our stump grinding equipment will chip away at any exposed wood and turn it into mulch.

How Long Does Stump Removal Take?

It takes a quick 15 minutes to get most small, individual stumps removed. Larger stumps may take up to two hours for complete removal. We guarantee that the entire stump and any exposed root systems will be ground to at least a 6 inch depth. We call diggers hotline before every removal to ensure the job can be done safely. When we're done, there will be a small hole in the landscape where your tree once stood. We're happy to backfill and grade the area for you to make it look like your stump was never even there.

Fill out a contact form to get a free quote without an inspection. Let us know how many stumps you’ll need removed and their sizes. Measure the widest portion above ground, including any raised roots.

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Cost of Stump Grinding on Residential Property

Every stump grinding service comes with a $100 minimum fee. Add a full clean-up service for an additional $5/inch on individual stumps or $200/hour on half and full-day packages.

$5.00/per inch

  • Add Cleanup +$5/inch of grinding area Haul away all stump grindings leaving the area ready for topsoil
  • Add Topsoil +$10/inch for restoration Adding topsoil with grass seed and straw mat

4 hour half day package$800.00no cleanup

8 hour full day package$1,500.00no cleanup

Get a stump removal cost estimate

Curious about the cost of stump removal? Use our stump removal cost estimator to get a quick and accurate estimate based on your specific needs. Whether you require individual stump grinding or comprehensive cleanup services, our pricing packages are transparent and competitive. Get started today to reclaim your outdoor space with GrindNGo Stumps.

How to Measure a Stump

To measure a tree stump, use the widest diameter above ground. Do not measure the trunk base.

How to measure a stump for stump grinding

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Stump GrindNGo serves all of southeast WI Affordable stump grinding service for southeast WI

Southeast WI's trusted stump removal services

With our headquarters in Waukesha, we provide comprehensive stump removal to homes throughout several southeast Wisconsin counties including:

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