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Wisconsin Stump Grinding Cost Calculator

Try our free Wisconsin stump grinding cost calculator. Select the number of stumps for removal, their total diameters added together in inches, and the level of cleanup you desire for an estimated cost.

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Large stump grinding in Wisconsin

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Disclaimer: All stump grinding services come with a $100 minimum fee. Price given is only an estimated cost. Please submit a contact form for a full quote. Bulk pricing is available.

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How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost in Wisconsin?

The cost of stump grinding in Wisconsin is generally between $180 and $500. GrindNGo’s stump grinding and removal services give you flexibility and maximize your savings on removing tree stumps. 

Stump grinding with GrindNGo starts with a $100 minimum fee and features fair pricing based on the quantity and total inches of stumps to be removed. Our ISA-certified arborists will provide you with an accurate and professionally laid-out quote.


Stump Grinding Price Factors

The total cost of stump grinding can be affected by the following factors:

GrindNGo only charges you based on the total inches of stumps to remove. We won’t charge you the bogus fees other stump grinding companies like to hide. See our fair pricing and cost packages below.


GrindNGo’s Stump Grinding Cost Packages

$5.00/per inch

  • Add Cleanup +$5/inch of grinding area Haul away all stump grindings leaving the area ready for topsoil
  • Add Topsoil +$10/inch for restoration Adding topsoil with grass seed and straw mat

4 hour half day package$800.00no cleanup

8 hour full day package$1,500.00no cleanup

How to Measure a Stump

To measure a tree stump, use the widest diameter above ground. Do not measure the trunk base.

How to measure a stump for stump grinding

Calculate cost How to Measure

DIY vs. Professional Stump Removal Cost

The cost to remove a tree stump yourself is greater than the cost to hire a professional in most cases. Stump removal requires special excavation equipment, which can cost between $250 - $800 per day to rent, depending on the machine. Not to mention, you need to know how to use the equipment. 

When you rent equipment, rental companies typically charge delivery fees and refundable deposit fees, which can affect the final price.

Stump Grinding Cost FAQs

How is the Cost of Stump Grinding Determined?

The final stump removal cost will depend on the amount of stumps to be removed, the size of each stump, the location of the stump in your yard and whether you choose a package featuring cleanup service. All of these factors will determine the length of time it takes our team to completely remove your stumps.

Are There Additional Charges for Stump Debris Removal?

GrindNGo offers a debris clean-up service for an additional fee. For an additional $5 per inch of stump, we’ll haul away all debris from your ground-up stump and leave the area ready for new topsoil to be applied. Topsoil application is available for $10 per inch.

Is the Cost of Stump Grinding Covered By Insurance?

Stump grinding is usually only covered by insurance if the stump is impeding the repair of other covered damages. For example, if your water or sewer system needs repairs and proper repairs are prevented by a stump, insurance will likely cover the removal of the stump.

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