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Removing above ground root systems

Fast, affordable tree root removal in Waukesha, WI

Above ground roots can show up on the surface and run your lawn, damage your lawnmower, and take nutrients from your lawn and other plants. If you have tree roots that spread up and out instead of down, GrindNGo will take care of them.

Make the most of your landscape this year with stump grinding for your above ground root systems and take back your lawn. Save money with our optional clean-up services and get your lawn or lot looking healthy again today.

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Raised Root Grinding & Removal in Southeast WI

How raised tree root removal works

Getting a quote

Have us visit your property to take a look at the stumps and exposed roots you'd like removed. If you don’t want an on-site inspection, fill out the contact form for a free quote. An inspection is the best way to guarantee neighboring root systems from nearby trees and other plant growth are not affected. Let us know the number of stumps you need removed and their sizes. Remember to measure the widest above ground portion including the raised roots. Our equipment needs at least 36" of clearance to make it through fences or any other obstacles. Waukesha Raised Root Removal Service

Removing the stumps

The teeth of the stump grinder will chip away at any above ground wood, removing the stump and raised roots. Tree root removal with minimally exposed roots takes roughly 15 minutes to grind away. For larger stumps with many exposed root systems, it can take up to two hours to remove them completely.

Backfilling the area

When the stump and roots are gone, there will be a gap in the soil which can be filled in and graded to restore the look of the landscape. Stump grinding can be performed remotely (using a remote to operate the grinding equipment) which is a more efficient and safer way of getting the job done.

Above Ground Root Removal Service in Waukesha 

Our stump grinding and above ground root removal services are available in Waukesha and across Southeastern Wisconsin. Choose GrindNGo for affordable and reliable stump grinding and tree root removal service in Waukesha. We also service the surrounding areas including:  

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Raised Root Removal Pricing

All stump grinding and raised root removal services come with a $100 minimum fee. Add full clean-up services for an additional $5/inch on individual stumps or an additional $200/hour on half and full-day packages. The tree stump and raised root will be ground down to a minimum of 6 inches deep. Stumps are measured at the widest point with the root flare included. Above ground roots and stumps with raised mounds may have additional costs to level the landscape.

$5.00/per inch

  • Add Cleanup +$5/inch of grinding area Haul away all stump grindings leaving the area ready for topsoil
  • Add Topsoil +$10/inch for restoration Adding topsoil with grass seed and straw mat

4 hour half day package$800.00no cleanup

8 hour full day package$1,500.00no cleanup

How to Measure a Stump

To measure a tree stump, use the widest diameter above ground. Do not measure the trunk base.

How to measure a stump for stump grinding

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Stump GrindNGo serves all of southeast WI Affordable stump grinding service for southeast WI

Waukesha's best stump grinding service for tree root removal

We strictly follow all Waukesha County guidance for stump removal. We are able to provide the best stump and raised root removal services from our headquarters in Waukesha. GrindNGo Stumps services southeast Wisconsin communities including:

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