Stump Grinding, Raised Root Removal & Landscape Grading in Kenosha County

Whether you’re a resident or business owner in Kenosha County, GrindNGo arborists will efficiently grind away individual or multiple stumps from your property. We’re different than most stump grinding companies because our services are much more affordable with optional clean-up. Even if your tree stump has large exposed roots above ground, we have the capabilities to grind them to the same depth as the rest of the stump. Measure your stump from the widest point to get an accurate price quote using our stump grinding calculator.

Stump Grinding Services for Kenosha County
Stump GrindNGo serves all of southeast WI Affordable stump grinding service for southeast WI

The Best Stump Removal Service in Kenosha County

If you’re not too thrilled with how your yard looks after stump removal, we’ve got you covered. Landscape grading lays down mulch and stone on the uneven areas in your lawn. The goal is for you to be completely satisfied with our stump grinding services. No matter if it’s a residential, commercial or municipal job, GrindNGo has had success with all types of grinding projects. We’ve provided our services to Kenosha County and the surrounding communities:

  • Kenosha
  • Pleasant Prairie
  • Twin Lakes
  • Bristol
  • Genoa City
  • Paddock Lake
  • Salem Lakes
  • Somers
  • Wheatland



Stump grinding service from Milwaukee to Madison

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