Stump Grinding on Public Land

Government-owned properties receive efficient stump removal

Remove the tree stumps or raised roots on public city property safely and efficiently with GrindNGo Stumps. We save town, village, city and county administrators money. We grind stumps to a minimum of 6 inches deep into the ground. This provides room to fill the area with soil for new grass growth. Help beautify the public property in your area.

Our arborists operate large equipment which allows for remote stump grinding almost anywhere. Rather than having our team up close with all the dirt and woodchips that fly around during the grinding process, they can move away to complete the job with efficiency. This is a much easier and safer way to grind stumps. 


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Stump Grinding for Government and Public Property in WI

Where we work

GrindNGo Stumps performs stump grinding services on all types of public land in Wisconsin including:

Stump grinding in city parks

City Parks

Stump grinding for football, soccer & baseball fields

Athletic Fields

Stump grinding for hiking & biking trails

Hiking and
Biking trails

Stump grinding for trees near streets & sidewalks

Streets and

Stump grinding for public school grounds & playgrounds

Public School

Stump grinding for government property

Building Grounds

How it works

Have us come to your public city location so you can show us which stumps you would like removed. Our stump grinding equipment will grind away at any above ground wood growth to a 6 inch depth below the soil, including any exposed root systems. We need at least 36" of space to get our equipment through any fences or nearby tree growth. It can take as little as 15 minutes to have small, individual stumps ground away. It’s normally a two hour job for complete removal of larger stumps. We'll call diggers hotline first to mark any underground utility lines nearby. Have us fill in the area where the stumps once stood to smooth out the landscape as if the stumps were never there.

If you don’t get an on-site inspection but would like a free quote, fill out a contact form detailing the number of stumps you need removed and the size of each. Start measurements at the widest portion above ground, including raised roots.

Prices for Stump Grinding & Removal

All stump grinding services we provide come with a minimum $100 fee. Add full clean-up services for an additional $3/inch on individual stumps or $200/hour on half and full-day packages. Stumps are measured by starting at the widest point of the tree and include root flare. If the stump has above-ground roots or raised mounds that need to be removed to level the landscape, additional costs will be included.

$5.00/per inch

  • Add Cleanup +$5/inch of grinding area Haul away all stump grindings leaving the area ready for topsoil
  • Add Topsoil +$10/inch for restoration Adding topsoil with grass seed and straw mat

4 hour half day package$800.00no cleanup

8 hour full day package$1,500.00no cleanup

To Measure

use the widest diameter above ground (not the trunk base!)

How to measure a stump for stump grinding

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Stump GrindNGo serves all of southeast WI Affordable stump grinding service for southeast WI

Expert stump removal services across southeast WI

From our Waukesha headquarters, we provide the best stump grinding and removal services in the southeast Wisconsin area. We’ve served counties all over including:

We Make it Easy To Get An Estimate For stump grinding

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